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The Clean Gut Detox

We all need a clean eating break once in a while. Either we get fed up feeling bad all the time or we just know we can eat better and need a touch of motivation to make it happen. The idea of hitting a reset button and cleaning up our act sounds… well, delicious.

I’ve been providing detoxes to clients for years. I’ve watched just 5 days of clean eating change my customers' lives time and time again. 

I don’t believe in shipped frozen meals.

I don't believe in boxed and shrink wrapped meals. 

I believe in whole foods and clean eating.

I believe in simple.

So how do you get started? Easy!


You have two options for the detox.

I can do the whole thing for you if you live near Cottonwood or Red Bluff, CA.

Or you can do it yourself!!

The 5 Day Detox

This means each day you are picking up all the fresh meal made just for you by a certified nutritionist and cook. The food is delicious and nutritious. We prepare your breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, dessert and even a elixir every day for 5 days. The goal is to get you to beautiful gut health and giving your body everything it needs to hit both the reset button and the easy button.

The 7 Day DIY Detox

I’m excited to say I’ve figured out the smartest way to teach you how to do this goodness for yourself. When you sign up for the DIY Detox, you get:

  • Beautifully curated and delicious 7 Day Meal Plan

  • Easy recipes that share ingredients and leftovers

  • Smart shopping list that won’t have you over spending

All you have to do is pick up and eat.

Again, local to Red Bluff or Cottonwood only.

Nourish yourself with whole, organic, easy and smart eating for 5 days.

It's the biggest gift you can give your gut in the shortest amount of time. 

Next Detox is December 5!

  • 5 Day Detox

    Reset your health in 5 days. Local pick up only.
    • 5 Days of meals, snacks and dessert made fresh daily
    • 5 Days of Nourishing Elixirs
    • Progress Check Ins
"I’ve done Maggie’s Detox 4 times and each time learned something new about nutrition and myself! Maggie’s process works. Her food is fresh and delicious. Her coaching is encouraging and real. I recommend her detox to friends and family! You won’t be disappointed with the products, process or the results!!"

Karli Janc

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