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Meet Maggie Brown

Certified Health Coach & Integrative Nutritionist

Maggie Brown received her first certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City and her second certification from the Primal Health Coach Institute in Malibu. Additionally, she is certified in Maha Mudra Tantra and Usui Reiki. Prior to this she earned a BA in Communications, a Commercial Rotorcraft Pilots License and owned a Yoga Studio.  As an athlete, Maggie started snowboarding in 1989, running in 1998, cross training in 2004 and playing Roller Derby in 2011.

Above all this though, Maggie's greatest pride is her two daughters, Emily and Ozzie. When Maggie experienced all the physical changes that came with pregnancy, full contact sports and age, she began to explore the idea of integrative nutrition. She found that in order to be her healthiest and happiest, she had to get out of her own way and get back to her primal basics through lifestyle, mindset and nutrition.

Having already worked with hundreds of people through her week long detox program, her cooking classes or her coaching program, she prides herself in helping her clients discover simple, proven ways to get back to the way they're designed to be... happy, healthy and vibrant.

Looking to work with Maggie onsite and in person? 

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