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Sober Minded?

Nowadays it seems that alcohol has worked itself into about every social situation you can think of. Whether its Friday Happy Hour at work, wine with friends at dinner or just grabbing a few beers with a friend, it seems like not drinking has become abnormal. 

But what happens when you start to notice that every day ends with a drink?

Or when that one or two nights a week costs you the next morning, yet you keep doing it anyway?

Or maybe you just notice how much better you feel without alcohol but every time you swear you'll stop, you don't?


Whatever it is, you are not alone.

Not even close. 

More often than not, I find myself talking to "grey area drinkers" who wish they could cut back or just be in control of how and when they drink. The struggle to figure out what life looks like without social lubricant or without that glass of wine at the end of the day is hard to navigate alone. 

With The Sober Mind, you are given the tools to take a break from alcohol for 21 days so you can decide for yourself what you want to do next.  

Here's how we are going to do it:

  • Maggie steps in as your Sober Guide during your 3 week reset.

  • Meet with Maggie at the beginning of every week to talk through the upcoming 7 days. 

  • Complete journaling assignments to do at your own pace so you can get real with yourself about why you feel all the things you're feeling about alcohol. 

  • Follow a daily guide book to ease you through the ups and downs of the 3 weeks with tools, tricks and science!

These 21 days without alcohol will leave you with the tools to either moderate, quit or simply just take a break.

The choice is yours...

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