Get back to your primal roots..

Do you ever wonder why we see so much illness and poor health in our modern world? Our hunter gatherer ancestors seem almost super human in comparison. 

When I began studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I was introduced to some of the most educated and respected researchers, doctors and teachers inside and outside of Integrative Nutrition.


While I found Mark Sission, founder of The Primal Blueprint, to be one of the most inspiring and influential researchers to my practice, the one concept everyone agreed on was that our bodies are naturally equipped to be healthy.


We have this incredible ability to adapt, heal, learn, grow and reset. While many of us are born with challenges, we are each able to reach our own version of homeostasis with the genes and bodies that we have. 


Lifestyle, nutrition, activity, sleep and play are all a part of what makes us thrive… or not. 

Getting back to your primal roots is more than eating your meat and vegetables. It's more than just eliminating sugar.


It's eating intuitively. 

It's moving and being active the way your body was designed to.

It's putting play back into your week.

It's reconnecting to the earth.

It's reconnecting to your roots.

When you work with me on going Primal, we set goals and boundaries. We have hard conversations and easy laughs. We look at what works for you and what doesn't. We play around with your likes and dislikes. We dig deep into who you are and look at where you got in your own way.


And we watch your life transform to what you've been wanting forever.