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If you want to be healthy, you have to feed your body and your soul...

My integrative nutrition practice is a holistic approach to your overall health.

I care about what's on your plate just as much as I care about what's not. One determines the other...

And since no one wrote the owner's manual on you, that's our job. Bio-individuality is real and my job is to work with you to figure you out. 

What does your body want?

What does your gut tell you?

What feels right for you?

Meet Maggie

Certified Health Coach & Integrative Nutritionist

Who am I?
I'm all about the balancing act.

Clean eating and cheat days

Meditation and Stilettos

Reiki and Red Lipstick

Yoga and Botox

Totally unapologetic....

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Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.

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The Journey Towards Health Begins with Reconnecting to Your Roots. Begin Your Journey Today.

"This integrated approach has helped me shed 14 lbs in about 6 weeks. Easy, delicious, and readied me for the next 14 lbs. I needed a holistic approach. The ‘just cut carbs’ wasn’t working. I needed coaching and kind accountability."

- Elise Dixon

“Working with Maggie has been an absolute life changer for me! She has taught me so much about nutrition and health, but on top of that, she is truly one of the most caring people I have ever met. She took the time to listen to my struggles and was able to cater solutions to many of my needs. Thank you Maggie. "

- Dr. Jonathan Pascarella

“Doing the detox week with Maggie helped get me back on track with my overeating. The food was absolutely delicious so don't let the word detox sway you, the food is amazing! I also did a number of months of health coaching which helped me stick to a food program and reach for new goals not only in nutrition but my mind and relationships.”

- Kelly Lopez

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