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How to Keep New Year's Resolutions

Written by Guest Blogger: Carley Ewing

How to keep New Year's Resolutions

1. Keep it Simple

This is your sign! This is your invitation to slow down, rest and keep it simple. The winter season is naturally a time of release, surrender and turning in, and yet we humans seem to do the opposite, amping up the “go, go, go” lifestyle. So how can we adopt the pace of nature and still co-exist during all this bustling?

2. Start small, keep it simple.

Start right now as you read this. Take a deep inhale, let it all out with a full exhale. Sit up straight, tilt your chin up about an inch, close your eyes and do it 9 more times. Feels good, right? Now take this with you everywhere you go. Treat yourself with this small, simple, yet powerfully effective practice anytime, anywhere.

3. One step at a time.

Do one thing each day that doesn’t feel like you’re adding more to your to-do list but that will contribute to your health and wellbeing . For instance, as you schedule your weekly activities, make sure you carve out pockets of “Free Time”. These spaces can be any length of time that work for you. Fifteen minutes here, thirty minutes there. As you carve out these free time spaces, you will find you are more present, productive and peaceful during your active times.

4. Commit to doing less and you’ll do more.

Our to-do lists can get long and feel never ending! When feeling overwhelmed looking at all there is to do, commit to doing just ONE thing. After completing the task, check in with how you are feeling. You may have the energy, inspiration and time to do just one more! Make the call, sign up for the program, fold the laundry. Being intentional with each task will help you slow down, accomplish more and feel more present.

As you weave in these manageable, potent practices into your days, weeks and months, you may find you’ve cultivated a more natural pace of life that suits your wellness. Life happens, at times beyond our control, but we can consciously choose how we engage with it. Taking the time to slow down. Making time for rest. Committing to keeping it simple, enjoying the small things, will help empower us to navigate any season in the way that we choose.

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