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Motivation to Eat Healthy

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

While I was in spin class the other day, I had a moment.

There I was, focused on my bike,

pushing my pedals,

listening to my instructor,

doing the things.

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I was hopping between thoughts of how good it felt even though I was kind of dying, and what I imagined I am working towards. I’ve come pretty far actually but I don't have the finish line in sight. Actually, I hope I never do.

But what hit me the hardest was that there were all these women on their bikes around me.

I don’t know if they were doing the same thing or not. I can’t tell you how hard any of them were

working. I can’t tell you if they were on their phones or if they were in a higher gear than me. I

can’t tell you if they were mailing it in or if they were murdering their bike.

What I can tell you though is that if I did know those things, that’s energy and focus I would have

taken away from my goal. I would have been doing wasted detective work trying to figure out

how we measured up. And if they measured better, would that have helped me? I doubt it. If

they measured less, would that have helped anyone? I doubt it.

Even more interesting to think about is what would happen if they knew I was paying attention to

them? Would they be distracted? Would it pull them away from their goal? Would it make them

work harder or less? Probably.

The good news is none of this happened. I stayed in my lane, focused on my bike in a room full

of women doing the work. And let’s not forget the instructor driving the train. She pours her soul

into murdering her bike and that’s exactly what she wants back from everyone.

So all this is to say when it comes to reaching your goals, stay in your lane. Focus on what

you’re doing, how it feels and where you’re trying to go.

And when you feel distracted or like you might be veering, when you're looking for motivation to eat healthy, try these three tricks to help you stay centered in your lane:

● Keep your focus on yourself and your goals. How to stay focused.

● Relax your grip on things a little. Breathe. White knuckling your way is a waste of energy

and only makes it harder to stay centered. Relaxation Techniques.

● Don’t worry about what everyone around you is doing. We’re all on our own journey and

comparison is not just the thief of joy, it's a big waste of time and energy. How to stop comparison.

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