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Easy Sports Drink Recipe a Healthy Alternative to Gatorade

I recently started teaching sports nutrition to young athletes. I’ve lost my voice standing in middle school gyms and classrooms teaching kids how to optimize their performance by making good nutrition choices… not just on a daily basis, but before, during and after the game.

It’s good work. They may not love what I say, but they hear me. They may not use it now, but they will one day. At least that's the goal.

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For me it started with 7th grade basketball. There’s always the parent who brought junk food to the girls before the game. The parents who were told Gatorade is better than water.. Insert “It has electrolytes!” quote here. And then there’s the “snack mom” loading the team up with candy after the game. 

I try to be cool.. I do. But I kinda lost my cool when the big gulp and fried chicken came out for half time refreshments one game. You know why? Because I know we know better….  

I am not a fan of the USDA, but even they don’t want this for our kids. 

We load these athletes up on sugar and carbohydrates right before the game. And just like throwing gasoline on a campfire, they burn hot, bright and fast. But what happens after half time? They’re done.

So let’s do better for our kids. 

Skip the sugary sport drinks like gatorade, prime and body armor. Let’s go back to water.

If it's an intensely hot day or long game and you need a sports drink… make it. There are thousands of ways of making this to your liking. I find this is a pretty good base. Enjoy this healthy alternative to Gatorade!

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Easy sports drink recipe

-1 pitcher of filtered water

-1 lemon

-½ lime

-¼ teaspoon salt

-2 teaspoons agave or honey

Squeeze the lemon and lime juice into the pitcher, being careful for seeds. Add in the salt and agave and mix.

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