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What happens when you clean up your gut and detox your body?

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Nowadays we are not at a shortage of people preaching the benefits of a clean gut. Whether it's

a new study on immunity or some new surprising information about neurology, it just seems that

the awareness is coming in strong these days…. And rapidly at that.

But what does it all actually mean to us when we’re living busy lives and are probably only

digesting part of what we’re hearing? And for anyone who isn’t obsessed with holistic nutrition,

what do we even do with what we’re learning?

clean gut detox starts will simple and smart goals

If you’ve ever worked with me, you know I don’t believe things need to be complicated. Clearly our bodies are smarter than we are. I mean, I break a bone and it fixes itself right? No wonder we only get to actively access what, 10% of our brain? (Unless you're like Einstein.. Rumor has it he could access 11%). I digress…

In the years that I have worked with who I now call “detoxers”, over 300 of them actually, I’ve

learned a thing or two. At first, I asked everyone what their specific goal was and tailored their

detox exactly for that. Whether it was to lose weight or gain energy or sleep better, I would drive

myself bananas delivering on that individual request nutritionally.

Then came the simplicity I knew was out there for me to find. Focus on gut health, and the goals

all followed.

  • How to lose those extra pounds that snuck on during covid? Gut health.

  • How to get that energetic pep-in-your-step? Gut health.

  • Wanna sleep better? Gut health.

  • Beautiful skin? Gut health.

  • Improve mental wellness? Gut health.

I could make you scroll and scroll with the many studies showing that your immune system, your

neurochemicals, your inflammation all start in the gut. But that just wouldn’t be simple would it?

So let me just put it here that what we’re learning is that “go with your gut” are truly words to live

by. When in doubt, take care of that gut feeling.

So how do we do that? Oh again with the scroll potential….

Again, I love simple. Those early days of scrambled goals in detox jars were maddening. Now

it's simple and mindful meal prep. Allow me to explain.

When I focus on detoxing for a clean gut, I take simple mason jars and fill them a day before.

Whole food ingredients. No added sugar. No alcohol. No crappy oils. Lots of fiber. A list of anti-inflammatory foods on the fridge. Smart expiration dates. Food in jars.. Not boxes. Carb


When I focus on detoxing for a clean gut, I take simple mason jars and fill them a day before.

Your breakfast is simple.. A smoothie or oatmeal.

Then there's an XL jar to fill with an elixir we make with super foods and simple foods like lemon

and apple cider vinegar.

Your lunch is in a jar with so many colors that it looks like we caught you a rainbow.

Your snack is easy… think veggies and hummus.

And your dinner… mason jar again! Why? Because if we are detoxing, gosh I love to give you

soup. I know… I don’t love soup either… but I don’t need you to love it. I need you to eat it.

And lastly, If you’re anything like me, you’ll need a treat at some point to keep you going. No

one needs a deprivation diet. Those are just rude.

Do this for a week or so and you’ll see the shift in the direction of your goals. The motivation

starts in around day 4. Day 3 tends to be fussy but you’ll live. Trust in the process.

And then when the inspiration starts to activate, ask yourself how you want to keep going and

what does the next level up look like? Because that, my friends, is where the magic starts.

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