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Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Written By:

Kelley Dolling

Client & Community Outreach

The sweet scent of summer is in the air. As the days grow longer and the sun shines brighter, kids escape from school, countless special events dot the calendar, and highly-anticipated vacations loom. It's as if a wave of carefree indulgence washes over many of us, igniting the nostalgia of our own seasonal childhood breaks some decades before. With the fun and excitement comes a not-so-subtle increase in our consumption of delightful junk food, editable garbage, and gluttonous meals that rivals the Thanksgiving to Christmas run. While endless Cheetos on camping adventures, thick slices of graduation cake, and chilled cans of lager go down nice and easy this time of year, these guilty pleasures quickly catch up with us.

clean gut detox, cottonwood ca

Many of you may be giving a wide-eyed nod with us, and summer has just begun. The proof is in the "pudding" (literally) on this one - gut health is no joke. Its impact on our overall well-being has been studied for decades, but it has only gained more widespread attention recently. Often referred to as the "second brain," the gut plays a vital role in various aspects of human health. This complex area houses trillions of microorganisms, collectively known as the gut microbiota, which aid digestion, immune function, nutrient absorption, and even influence mental health. As we unravel the intricate connection between our belly and other body systems, it becomes increasingly clear that nurturing our gut health is essential for achieving and maintaining optimal health and vitality.

With this life-changing knowledge, focusing on gut health is a no-brainer, right? Insert giggle here. It's far from it. In the hustle and bustle of our modern lives, cutting corners regarding well-balanced meals is the easy part. And, let's face it, walking that fine line between healthy and enjoying life gets blurry when you're having fun. It takes some serious willpower to continually pass over golden fries for the side salad. While we're all for moderation, there are moments when we vault over the aforementioned lifestyle "line" and string together an impressive series of less-than-desirable intake decisions. We are suddenly left holding our angry stomachs, fighting a headache, and longing to return to "normal."

After a gluttonous run, undoing the damage doesn't happen overnight, and getting back on track can be difficult on our own. Lucky for us, one talented local woman's extraordinary practice offers a helpful "hand up" for those looking to revive a healthy balance.

Holistic Nutrition Blogger, Clean Gut Health, Red Bluff, CA

Maggie Brown owns and operates the healthful powerhouse known as Maggie Brown Nutrition & Coaching in Cottonwood, California. As a certified Health Coach and Integrative Nutritionist, she is passionate about helping individuals achieve optimal health and well-being. With an impressive background and extensive training in holistic nutrition, Maggie deeply understands the intricate relationship between food, lifestyle, and overall vitality. Her expertise lies in providing personalized guidance and support to clients seeking to improve their nutrition and make sustainable lifestyle changes.

As we pull back the layers on Maggie Brown Nutrition & Coaching, let's dive into her two impressive detox offerings. Both programs are tailored to deliver optimal digestive health and cater to various wellness goals, ensuring that each offers distinct yet equally significant results. First is the Classic Detox, a carefully designed meal prep system to restore gut health - that key factor in overall well-being. When clients sign up, Maggie takes the time to inquire about goals. These personal objectives range from weight loss and increased energy to improved sleep, mental clarity, and alleviating digestive issues. Maggie emphasizes gut health protocols throughout a 5 to 7-day detox, allowing the natural progression of desired outcomes for participants. Each day you are presented with three tasty plant-based meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), a snack, a "treat," and a fabulous elixir. All items are organic, clean as can be, and scratch-made with lots of love by Ms. Maggie herself. The goal is simple - to get you back to beautiful gut health while giving your body everything it needs to easily hit the reset button.

Maggie's second offering, the Primal Ketox, debuted earlier this year to cater to clients seeking a keto lifestyle. As an advocate of the primal blueprint, Maggie follows a cavewoman-inspired diet emphasizing high fat, high protein, and ultra-low carbohydrate consumption. The menu tantalizes taste buds with delectable offerings such as biscuits and gravy, beefy chili, roasted pork loin with seasonal veggies, and more. The Primal Ketox returns eating to its earliest beginnings - clean, unprocessed, and free of sugar and corn syrup.

Maggie's diverse offerings extend beyond nutrition, encompassing powerful health coaching, the Sober Mind program, and Reiki. Her health coaching approach focuses on the whole person, setting thoughtful goals, and making wellness enjoyable and sustainable. The Sober Mind program guides individuals through a reflective 21-day alcohol-free journey, addressing the role of alcohol in their lives. It's perfect for people wondering if that daily glass of wine or routine nightcap is serving them. Finally, Reiki energy healing is embedded in the Tibetan Usui technique. It offers profound relaxation, pain relief, stress reduction, and anxiety calming. Maggie added this exciting energy-based offering this year - even her biggest skeptics have turned believers.

As Maggie Brown Nutrition & Coaching blossomed, new partnerships formed. The Healing Center is home to Maggie's Reiki practice. Legendary is your daily detox pick-up location and now offers a bonus option - the Detox Deluxe. This level-up adds Legendary's delicious Maggie-approved smoothies and juices to the mix. It also comes with some legit swag. Finally, Enjoy Local joined forces with Maggie for the summer to bring you her highly acclaimed "cult-like-following" Rainbow Salad, featuring her secret signature dressing. Served in a generous 32-ounce mason jar, this salad is meticulously crafted from the bottom up, allowing customers to flip and mix it just as they would if ordering directly from Maggie herself. This unique culinary experience blends the joys of being a "foodie" with the delectable flavors of this remarkable salad creation.

"We look forward to further collaborations with Maggie, including her infamous beet hummus, more salads, and possibly even classes," shared Enjoy Local Owner and past Maggie Brown Nutrition & Coaching Client Kate Grissom. Our Fall menu is sure to deliver some of her excellent soups too. Keep watching for details!"

Maggie's contagious passion is rooted in her backstory. A life-changing event inspired her journey toward becoming a certified health coach and integrative nutritionist. After giving birth to her last child at 41, Maggie weighed more than she did on the day of delivery. This realization hit hard during her one-month post-baby appointment, leaving her heartbroken. In response, Maggie embarked on a quest to better understand nutrition and lifestyle choices. Through exploration, Maggie learned about meal prep, healthy fats, intermittent fasting, and more. As she gradually adopted more beneficial habits, she realized the task should not be arduous and marveled at the human body's innate ability to heal. Driven by this realization, Maggie made a resolute decision to unravel the enigma surrounding the quest for wellness. She embarked on a remarkable journey, shedding 90 pounds along the way and kindling an ardent desire to assist others in their own transformative endeavors.

"I absolutely love seeing people's lives improve," said Maggie. "Whether it's a 40 min break from daily stress or teaching clients how to meal prep, helping people get healthier and stronger is why I do what I do. I don't think being healthy is hard. We've just been doing it wrong."

Motivated by a newly ignited mission, Maggie enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and the rest is history. Maggie Brown Nutrition & Coaching set up shop three years ago in Cottonwood. This home-based business took off and continued to evolve and expand. As she found her footing, Maggie dabbled in healthy catering, meal prep, and more before zeroing in on coaching, instruction, and resets. Today, nearly 300 locals can boast they've benefited from Maggie's reliable support.

Holistic Nutrition Blogger, Clean Gut Health, Red Bluff, CA, Dolling Insurance

"At 48 yrs old, I am the healthiest I've ever been in my entire life, and no one believes my age - which is always super fun," Maggie giggled. "I am no different than any of my clients. I've had similar struggles and still have struggles today. But at the end of the day, being healthy isn't hard if we can figure out how to make the process enjoyable and get out of our own way."

We take immense pride in wholeheartedly endorsing everything the insightful Maggie Brown offers. Prompted by numerous enthusiastic recommendations from friends and fellow business owners, we decided to give Maggie a try—and let us tell you, it has been an exceptional experience. Since March, we have embraced two remarkable original detox programs and even opted for her distance detox to help us maintain consistent healthy habits at home. Yes, you pay a premium for her services, but her fresh food, personalized guidance, and support are worth every penny. Each Maggie experience has delivered the much-needed reset and rejuvenation the Dollings yearned for. But don't just take our word for it. Our enthusiastic sentiments are echoed by Jon Pascarella, a respected local dentist and loyal supporter of Maggie Brown Nutrition & Coaching.

Maggie Brown Nutrition and Coaching, Certified Nutritionist, Red Bluff CA, Dolling Insurance

"The moment I met Maggie, I knew she was a healer," offered Pascarella. "She is an incredible listener and extremely knowledgeable about nutrition, particularly how certain ingredients impact our bodies. Maggie has been instrumental in expanding my self-awareness and enhancing my understanding of the nourishment essential for fueling my body."

Photo: Dr. Jon Pascarella shows the utmost restraint with his son during a detox.

For more information about Maggie Brown Nutrition & Coaching and all of her offerings, visit WEBSITE HERE. Are you ready to give Maggie a go? The next detox is right around the corner, and the Dollings are diving back into the program. Join us on the clean train starting June 26th.

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