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Heart Healthy Tips

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February is Heart Month and I absolutely love approaching this in all the ways!! Whether its talking about lowering your cholesterol or lowering your sodium intake, there are endless ways of making moves towards heart health. But lets not forget that human connection, relationships and intimacy play a factor in this too! Here are a few tips and tricks to send the love where it matters most… your heart.

1. Invest in your relationships:

 Whether it's a date with your BFF, spending quality time with your kid, or calling your grandma, now is a great time to make a plan. According to the research Lissa Rankin, MD highlights in her bestselling book “Mind Over Medicine”,  copious scientific data proves that loneliness is a greater risk to your health than smoking or lack of exercise. And according to Johns Hopkins Medicine, Strong social connections, can lower feelings of loneliness, depression and anxiety, which have been linked to higher heart disease risk.

2. Lower your cholesterol:

 There is a lot of good information and bad information out there about your cholesterol. Lowering your cholestoroal.. Leaning on statins… all worth learning what the latest findings are. While saturated fat gets a bum wrap, high triglycerides in a fasted state are actually associated with excess consumption of carbs.

According to Mark Sisson, researcher and founder of the Primal Blueprint, “the true catalysts of heart disease—oxidation and inflammation—occur due to adverse dietary habits and lifestyle practices that are closely related to excess carbs, insulin production, and consumption of easily oxidized polyunsaturated fat (the kind found in highly processed vegetable and seed oils, not saturated fat from animals).” Have a listen here! 

Don’t know where to start? Taking these steps will never fail you.

  1. Lose that extra weight (Contact Prestige RM)

  2. Quit smoking

  3. Quit drinking (Start "The Sober Mind")

  4. Reduce stress

  5. Work with a nutritionist on better food choices (Book an Appointment with Maggie)

3. Intimacy:

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, men and women who report having satisfying sex lives, are less likely to have heart attacks. If there’s something holding you back, talk to your provider about your options. We promise you, there are more options than you realize. Set an appointment with Prestige Regenerative Medicine.

4. Watch your sodium:

We know that eating too much sodium can increase your blood pressure and your risk for heart disease and stroke, but where it gets a little fuzzy is where sodium is hiding. When we enjoy those savory dishes at our favorite restaurants and fast food joints, we are often taking in more sodium than we realize. And if we are grabbing boxed or canned easy meals from the middle of the grocery store, have a look at the label. The sodium content may surprise you. 

Nourishing your heart is a journey that begins with simple yet powerful choices each day. By embracing a low cholesterol, low sodium diet and improving your intimacy and relationships,, you can cultivate habits that support cardiovascular wellness for years to come. Here's to your heart's health and vitality – may it beat strong and steady as you embrace a life filled with nourishment, joy, and well-being.

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