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Holistic Nutritionist & Lifestyle Coach

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

What I do for a living has been called so many different things… Wellness Coach, Integrative Nutritionist, Primal Health Expert, Holistic Nutritionist, Unlicensed Therapist (oh boy) and Best-Friend-You-Have-To-Pay (yikes). But today I kind of love the "Holistic Lifestyle Nutrition Coach” title someone accidentally gave me. While way too long to type or say, that might be the most accurate. At least I feel that way today.

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See, I’m not perfect… far from it. I stumble and fall on my face more often than I let on. And honestly, it makes me pretty good at my job because, well, I get it. Whatever you’re feeling about your health or wellness or current state of effort, I’ve been there. I don’t even know how to judge at this point.

But what holistic has come to mean for me in my practice, is that we’re trying. In all the ways. And from a place of intention and integrity.

When I work with my clients, I love setting goals between visits. We set 3 of them that, more often than not, file under the same 3 categories.

  • How you feed your body.

  • How you feed your mind and soul.

  • How you move.

I can meet anyone at any level of health in those categories. And the idea is that caring for these categories, week by week or month by month, builds momentum. Tiny little wins. Tiny little dopamine kicks. Tiny little inspirations of “what can I do better at next”.

It may start with:

  • I’m going to pay attention to how much sugar I eat everyday so I have the data.

  • I’m going to declutter my bedroom so it feels more comfortable.

  • I’m going to walk for 20 minutes listening to Huberman Lab on Spotify 3 times a week.

And go to:

  • I’m going to cut carbs to under 20g and see how I feel in 2 weeks.

  • I’m going to meditate for 10 minutes every night before bed.

  • I’m going to hit that kettlebell class that I’ve been avoiding.

There will never be a finish line to Holistic Healthy Town. It will always be a journey. But it may be the only road map that leads you consistently in the right direction. There are no dead end streets and no terribly wrong turns if you approach your choices holistically.

And as always, I’m a big fan of intention and integrity. When we keep our eye on that ball and make every move in that direction, falling off track becomes just another part of the journey.

I'm always here to listen. If you'd like to make an appointment, I'm available online or in-person. Visit my appointment page to get started.

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